Piano Teacher Vs. Teaching Yourself

There are many approaches to learning the piano. If you wonder which one is the best, you should inform yourself about each of their benefits and disadvantages.

There are many approaches to learning the piano. If you wonder which one is the best, you should inform yourself about each of their benefits and disadvantages. Between self-taught piano lessons or learning from a piano teacher, the learning approach you choose has to align with your goals for playing the piano. Through this blog, we review each of them so you can determine which is ideal for you!

Teaching Yourself

Self-teaching may seem convenient for beginners. It also may work for those who want to explore their musical journey on their own. However, there are many topics that a remote lesson cannot address. For instance, there are issues of hand position, posture, technique, and dynamics. All are technical issues that will need a teacher face-to-face to diagnose and demonstrate their proper usage. Learning to play with dynamics requires a teacher who can assess and correct technical issues regarding hand placement and phrase shaping.

Here are the pros and cons of self-taught piano lessons:


  • Convenience: You manage your own time and practice in the comfort of your own home.
  • Go at your own pace: You can adjust to your learning pace and take as little or as much time you require.
  • Beginner-friendly: Most resources you can find online are excellent for beginners.


  • Lack of technical aspects for more advanced music: If you want to perfect your skills and technique, it might be harder to do as most online resources are focused on beginners.
  • Harder to get feedback: When you learn independently, no one is evaluating and correcting you. Consequently, it is harder to track your progress and receive feedback on how you sound.
  • Investing in equipment and resources: You will have to get a piano. You will also want to prevent developing bad habits. An expert can help correct these. 


Piano Teacher

Taking lessons with a piano teacher is excellent if you are committed to your musical journey and aspire to master a more technical and professional level of playing the piano. Also, you may find it is your best learning method. Even when taking piano lessons online, you’ll have to look for an experienced pianist.

Here are the pros and cons of taking piano lessons with a professional piano teacher:


  • Technique: Developing and perfecting your piano technique can only be done in person by a professional, a piano teacher.
  • Sound: If you are worried about sounding right, with a piano teacher, you can learn how your technique affects the sound of the piano.
  • Real-time feedback: Your piano teacher can give you instant and constant feedback. They will answer any questions then and there and keep track of your progress.
  • First-hand Experience:
    Your piano teacher counts on expert knowledge and resources to help you develop more complex skills to learn on your own.


  • Not engaging: For some, learning to play with a piano teacher may seem boring and routine.
  • Not following your pace: Many people feel pressured when learning from a piano teacher and cannot learn at their own learning pace.

Common Misconceptions

Some of the cons of learning to play with a professional piano teacher are misconceptions. Piano lessons don’t have to be boring and super strict when you find an excellent piano teacher.

For instance, at Kelly Music Workswe ensure our teaching is adjusted to each student’s preferred learning method and fits their musical tastes. For adults, we personalize your lessons to your goals and where you are on your musical journey.


If you want to follow the self-taught route or learn with a piano teacher, keep in mind your goals and focus your efforts on them.

Always know that if you are looking for a piano teacher at Kelly Music Works, we can teach any level of expertise, from beginner to amateur to advanced. We will adjust to your learning pace!

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